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This free offer is exclusively for first time users. If you are already a customer and want to try a new Nano-Trap, please contact us for a great test sample offer.


Which trap is right for me?

You can choose from GFP-Trap, RFP-Trap, mNeonGreen-Trap, Myc-Trap, GST-Trap, MBP-Trap coupled to different matrices: agarose beads or magnetic agarose beads and magnetic particles. Normally, agarose beads and magnetic agarose beads have a higher binding capacity (up to 13µg GFP/RFP per 10µl slurry,) and usually less background. Depending on your downstream experiment, we suggest to test the agarose bead or magnetic agarose beads. For more information please go to our FAQs.


From cell to gel in 30 minutes

Try an alpaca Nano-Trap for free

If you are a new customer, we want to make sure you are 100% confident when you order for the first time. That is why you can get a test sample for 2 reactions for free - the only thing we ask you in return is that you use the test-sample within 4 weeks and send us your results. Just email us a picture of your gel/western and tell us how your test worked out.

Please note that we ship free of charge "Ex Works" - depending on where you live customs fees may be charged to your account by FedEx. 



Use our Nano-Traps for:

  • IP
  • Co-IP
  • ChIP

and see for yourself why ChromoTek Alpaca GFP-Trap® is the top selling GFP antibody: Do one-step pulldowns that can be directly used in downstream applicatons such as enzyme activity assays or mass spectrometry.