Advantages of recombinant Nano-Secondaries

Posted by Klaus Herick on May 23, 2019 4:10:12 PM

Nano-Secondaries are monoclonal Nanobodies that bind to primary antibodies in a species and subtype specific manner, i.e. Nano-Secondaries are very precise secondary antibodies. They are recombinantly produced in bacterial or other animal-free expression systems; in contrast, classical mono- or polyclonal secondary antibodies are traditionally produced using hybridoma technologies or are isolated from a host’s blood.


The recombinant nature of the Nano-Secondaries’ production enables multiple advantages:

Reproducible and controlled manufacturing

ChromoTek’s recombinant Nano-Secondaries are characterized by both DNA and protein sequence. Therefore, we produce identical Nano-Secondary in each manufacturing batch with high purity and virtually no batch-to-batch variation.

Highly species and subtype specific

During development, Nanobodies with cross reactivity to other, commonly used species’ IgG or serum proteins are excluded. We select only Nanobodies with the desired specificity. Therefore, our Nano-Secondaries have an ultra-low background and hence do not require any kind of pre-adsorption.


Nano-Secondaries from ChromoTek are recombinantly expressed in serum-free expression systems. There is no contamination from serum components, such as albumin and IgG.

Non-animal manufacturing

Our manufacturing process is totally animal free, though Nanobodies are generated from immunization of alpacas and llamas.

Nanobody engineering

ChromoTek engineers Nano-Secondaries at the genetic level enabling the generation of monovalent, bivalent, bispecific formats, and various fusions. In addition, site-specific conjugates can be manufactured. For more information please contact


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