GFP-Booster: GFP Nanobody for better images in immunofluorescence

GFP-Trap for immunoprecipitation (IP) – stringent washing

How to immunoprecipitate Flag®-tagged proteins

Why is the Fab-Trap™ so Fab-ulous?

Advantages and limitations of different antibody formats in immunoprecipitation

How Nanobodies could advance Sars-CoV diagnostics

Co-immunoprecipitation troubleshooting

How to conduct a Co-immunoprecipitation (Co-IP)?

Flag-tag and 3x Flag-tag: An epitope tag for capture and detection experiments

GFP (green fluorescent protein): Properties, origin, specifications, tips

Overview of ChromoTek’s Nanobody-based tools for cancer research

Tips and tricks for immunoprecipitation of low abundant proteins

Overview of the most recent Spot Peptide-Tag & Spot-Nanobody publications

Myc-tag: An epitope tag for protein characterization, protein interaction analysis, and purification.

A new Swiss army knife for immunofluorescence: Chimeric heavy chain antibodies

Seizing the day: How to save time on your immunoassay experiments

Conjugation of fluorescent dyes to Nanobodies

Neuropilin-1 joins ACE2 as SARS-CoV-2 gateaway

V5 Tag: Properties, origin, specifications, antibodies & Nanobodies

Virus proteins are useful!

Which beads should I use for my immunoprecipitation?

Characterization of COVID-19 antibodies by Bio-Layer Interferometry using Nano-CaptureLigands

How fluorescent proteins can be applied in SARS-CoV-2 research

SNAP-tag and CLIP-tag


Do you purify a special protein?

Chromobodies for live cell imaging

Spot-Trap or Spot-Cap?

Partnership with The Antibody Registry

Green fluorescent protein (GFP) in plant research

Virus research using GFP

Abstract on Nano-BiTEs: Bispecific T cell engagers based on nanobodies

GFP-Trap in multiwell plates

What is antibody specificity and affinity? And why is it important for immunoprecipitation?

How to obtain a low background in immunoprecipitation assays

Immunoprecipitation without additional bands

5 Tips for Successful Immunoprecipitations (IP)

Multiple kits for streamlined affinity purification mass spectrometry (AP-MS)

Mass spec-compatible immunoprecipiation for GFP, mNeonGreen, Myc, RFP, Spot, and TurboGFP

GFP and RFP-Booster for better immunofluorescence imaging

The importance of blocking when using Nano-Secondaries for IF

What GFP-Trap should I use for my immunoprecipitation?

GFP-Trap Magnetic Particles M-270: Most cited GFP-Nanobody conjugated to Magnetic Particles M-270

How to overcome the limitations of antibody-based affinity resins for protein purification

Tags for protein purification

Split fluorescent protein technology

Bispecific T cell engagers

Spot Capture and Detection Peptide Tag and Nanobody

Which are 2018's most used Antibodies?

iCLIP for the thorough analysis of mRNA:protein interactions

What is one-step immunostaining?

Important facts to know when using Nano-Secondaries

Why are recombinant Nanobodies/ VHHs beneficial?

Fluorescent protein tags

Advantages of recombinant Nano-Secondaries

Working with green fluorescent proteins: Tools and properties

ChromoTek’s Nanobody helps LMU scientists in their quest to understand a giant protein complex

22 References about Myc-Trap

GFP- Nanobodies and RFP- Nanobodies conjugated to quantum dots

TurboGFP: Properties, Sequence, MW, origin

First Peptide-tag specific Nanobody applied in super resolution microscopy (SRM)

On-bead digestion protocol: From immunoprecipitation with nanobodies to MS analysis

The best anti-GFP antibody for immunoprecipitation: GFP-Trap

Visualize Histones in live cells: Histone-Chromobody

mNeonGreen: A green fluorescent protein that is not a GFP variant

New anti-mNeonGreen antibody & Nano-Trap for Immunofluorescence & Immunoprecipitation

Affinity purification, depletion, and immunoprecipitation of GST-tagged proteins

ChromoTek Nano-Booster for super resolution microscopy is featured at Biocompare

Myc-Trap for both immunoprecipitation and affinity purification of Myc-tagged proteins

Immunoprecipitation of Myc-tagged proteins – How it works

How to prepare protein interaction partners for MS analysis

Unique Vimentin probes presented at AACR 2017 annual meeting

Alpaca Nano-Traps for Immunoprecipitation (IP) & Rodent Monoclonals for Western Blot (WB)

Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with RFP-tagged or mCherry-tagged proteins

The most frequently cited monoclonal anti-RFP antibody

Actin Chromobody: Visualization of actin dynamics – NOT alteration

New limit in protein complex stability: GFP-binding protein:GFP complex

Visualize the onset of metastasis with Chromobodies

Update US ordering information

ChromoTek’s camelid antibodies are sequenced, recombinant, and monoclonal with validated binding characteristics

5 Tips for better immunoprecipitation (IP)

Novel cell cycle modulators identified using the Cell Cycle Chromobody Technology

Actin Chromobody for live-cell super-resolution imaging

Nano-Booster FAQs

How to elute GFP-fusion protein from the GFP-Trap®

Post-seminar thanks and greetings!

ChromoTek on tour in Germany!

ChromoTek's Nanobodies are versatile and proven affinity tools for multiplexed analysis of protein-protein interactions using Luminex® or Biacore™ assay technologies

ChromoTek GmbH has Launched the New Myc-Trap® for Immunoprecipitation of Myc-Tagged Proteins

New nuclear Actin-Chromobody® plasmid

GFP-Booster labeled with Abberior STAR dyes for super-resolution STED microscopy

GFP-Trap – More than 500 References/ Publications!

Mapping the mitotic protein interactome of Drosophila embryos with nanobodies

ChromoTek strengthens its position in the highly important US market

Nobel Prize for super-resolution microscopy!

The Alpaca Revolution: 4 remarkable Nano-Antibody Tools that Impact Proteomics, Cell Biology and Drug Discovery

Catch them if you can: Novel Nano-Traps for „old“ molecules

Chromobody® plasmids: Good things come to those who wait!

New Nano-Trap: Focus on MK2!

ChromoTek and NMI TT ally to start a new chapter in HCA

ChromoTek changes distribution in the US

ChromoTek goes US! Meet us during our Roadshow.

Abs are Fab!

This year's winner of the "Industriepreis": Chromotek!

ChromoTek's Chromobody® Technology for HC drug profiling licensed to Bayer

Biomolecular movies: ChromoTek introduces Chromobody® plasmids

Featured publications:

ChromoTek and Cell Culture Service Enter into a Partnership to Market Chromobody® Cell Lines

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