ChromoTek changes distribution in the US

Posted by Joerg Katzenberger on Oct 30, 2013 8:18:00 AM

Benefit from great introductory pricing of our new partner, Bulldog Bio!

For years GFP- and RFP-Trap customers in the US had to pay a premium, as our former partner Allele Biotech did not quite match our intended resale prices. As of October 22nd, Allele is no longer our partner for the US - you can aquire our renowned camelid Nano-Traps now from three sources, for nearly half the price:

1. Bulldog Bio is our new official partner in the US, until end of November you can benefit from special introductory pricing.

2. Antibodies-Online has been our partner for some years now.

3. From ChromoTek directly.

  • To keep using the Nano-Traps you have relied on in recent years and that have been cited in more than 400 publications in high ranking journals, we kindly ask you to switch to one of the above options.

Happy nano-trapping from your ChromoTek team!

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