We present two posters at #MipTec2013 in Basel

Posted by Joerg Katzenberger on Sep 23, 2013 9:56:00 PM
Poster MipTec Chromobodies 13 09 resized 600 Poster MipTec F2H 13 09 resized 600
  • Intracellular Fluorescent Alpaca Antibodies (Chromobodies):
    Non-invasive Biomarkers for High-Content Analysis in Mammalian Cells
  • Development of Comparative, Cell-based, Reversible p53:Mdm2 and p53:Mdm4 High-Content Fluorescent Two-Hybrid (F2H) Assays for Drug Screening

Topics: Chromobodies, F2H assay, protein-protein interaction, p53/Mdm2, p53/Mdm4, PPI, PPI inhibitor, cellular PPI assay, PPI dynamics

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