ChromoTek and NMI TT ally to start a new chapter in HCA

Posted by Katrin Schmidthals on Mar 24, 2014 6:01:00 PM

ChromoTek GmbH (Martinsried, Germany) and NMI Technology Transfer GmbH (Reutlingen, Germany) have joined forces to advance ChromoTek ́s proprietary Chromobody® technology in new cellular models. 

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Chromobodies® are new intracellular functional antibodies visualising dynamic changes of target proteins in live cells. With the help of NMI`s outstanding lentiviral transduction technology, Chromobodies® will be introduced into difficult-to-transfect cell lines such as primary cells. The cooperation will establish innovative cell lines available for phenotypic screening, target validation and high content analysis (HCA). The unique combination of Chromobody® nanoprobes and a comprehensive collection of disease-relevant cellular test systems will lift preclinical compound screening and pathway analysis in the early drug discovery process to a new level of performance.


Chromobodies® are single domain antibodies genetically fused to fluorescent proteins serving as functional nanoprobes in living cells. The Chromobody® technology allows for the first time to trace endogenous intracellular antigens and to visualise dynamic changes of these targets upon intrinsic or extrinsic stimuli in living cells. In combination with disease-relevant cellular models, Chromobodies® can be used to screen compound libraries for desired or adverse effects on endogenous targets in multiwell formats. Likewise, high content analysis facilitates the identification and validation of drug targets.

Currently available Chromobody® cell lines allow real time monitoring of the full cell cycle, apoptotic events, DNA damage and repair as well as morpholological changes of the cytoskeleton in disease-relevant model systems. Further cellular markers are under development and will be launched later in 2014.

"The combination of ChromoTek’s leading analysis technology and our long-standing know-how of genetically modified primary cells adds considerable value to our customers", states Professor Hugo Hämmerle, CEO of NMI TT GmbH. "We are looking forward to opening a new chapter for Chromobodies® in disease-relevant cellular models", says Dr. Marion Jung, Managing Director of ChromoTek.

Under the agreement, NMI TT will develop novel Chromobody® expressing cell types for distribution and co-marketing with ChromoTek. Biotechnology or pharmaceutical companies will be offered Chromobody® cell lines off the shelf as well as lentiviral transductions of their own cell lines to enhance their target discovery and HCA capabilities. In addition, NMI TT will offer services to develop or perform assays on these cells tailored to customer’s needs.

About NMI TT GmbH

Established in 2003, NMI TT GmbH is a fully-owned affiliate of the Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI), providing research departments of pharmaceutical companies with customised services. NMI TT GmbH now offers the generation of stably recombinant, Chromobody®-expressing cell lines using in-licensed lentiviral technology, thereby hugely broadening the scope of Chromobody® application.

About ChromoTek GmbH

ChromoTek products set new benchmarks for cellular research. The company was established in 2008 as a spin-off from Munich’s Ludwig Maximilian University and is located in Martinsried, Germany’s leading biotech cluster. ChromoTek develops and markets Chromobody®-based live cell assays for drug screening and target validation. Other products include immunological and bioimaging reagents such as the GFP-Trap® for the rapid pull-down of GFP fusion proteins and GFP-/ RFP-Booster to amplify the fluorescent signal of GFP or RFP fusion proteins. ChromoTek's fluorescence based protein-protein interaction assay called Fluorescence-2-Hybrid (F2H®) is available as screening service for commercial customers and as off the shelf kit for academic research. More than 4,000 customers from all over the world trust in ChromoTek products.

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Posted by Katrin on Mon, Mar 24, 2014

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