Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) with RFP-tagged or mCherry-tagged proteins

Posted by Christoph Eckert on Mar 14, 2017 10:18:00 AM

See the advantages of ChromoTek’s RFP-Trap in ChIP applications as demonstrated by Dr. Caroline Rivers, Laboratory for Integrative Neuroscience & Endocrinology, University of Bristol. In absence of suitable antibodies for an inducible hormone receptor, mCherry has been fused to the N-terminus of the receptor. In order to effectively pull down the mCherry fusion protein DNA complex, ChromoTek's RFP-Trap was used.

Hormone Receptor1.png

The DNA binding of mCherry-tagged hormone receptor was investigated by ChIP analysis dependent on the presence of hormones. Binding events are portrayed relative to controls.

It has been shown that the RFP-Trap can be used for ChIP analysis in order to detect enrichment of mCherry-tagged proteins at DNA binding sites.

ChromoTek’s RFP-Traps are derived from sequenced, recombinant and monoclonal camelid heavy chain antibodies, VHHs or so-called “nanobodies”. They enable robust immunoprecipitations and provide reproducible results.

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Find out for yourself and test the RFP-Trap. Request your free RFP-Trap sample here:

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Topics: Nano-Traps, ChIP, mCherry, RFP-Trap

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