ChromoTek Nano-Booster for super resolution microscopy is featured at Biocompare

Posted by Klaus Herick on Jun 2, 2017 4:21:49 PM

ChromoTek’s Marketing Manager Dr. Christoph Eckert has been interviewed by Biocompare, the buyers’ guide for life scientists, on labels for super resolution microscopy.

See the interview here:

Christoph outlines the dedicated advantages of ChromoTek’s Nano-Boosters, which base on small size and superior binding:

Small size:

  • Less than 2nm epitope-label displacement minimizes linkage error
  • Better tissue penetration
  • Higher image resolution

Superior binding:

  • Stabilization, enhancement and reactivation of GFP and RFP signals after cell fixation, chemical, and thermal treatments
  • No clustering because nanobodies are monovalent

IgG complex, VHH.jpg

Relative size comparison of Nano-Boosters and complex of conventional primary and secondary antibody complex (IgG complex). Due to their small size, Nano-Boosters penetrate tissue better. In addition, they bind closer to their targets than conventional antibodies. This results in better staining and higher resolution.


ChromoTek Nano-Boosters bind to the following targets:

  • RFP-Booster:
    mRFP, mCherry, mRFPruby, mPlum
  • GFP-Booster:
    eGFP, wtGFP, GFP S65T, AcGFP, TagGFP, tagGFP2, sfGFP, pHluorin, eYFP, YFP, Venus, Citrine, eCFP, CFP, mCerulean


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ChromoTek Nano-Boosters are derived from single-domain alpaca antibody fragments, termed VHHs or “nanobodies”. Nanobodies conjugated to fluorescent dyes are known as Nano-Boosters.


ChromoTek is the pioneer of protein-protein interactions, who has brought fluorescent proteins from cell biology as protein tags into biochemistry laboratories. Today, particularly the ChromoTek GFP-Trap is frequently used for additional applications beyond pulldowns, because of its outstanding binding of GFP-fusions.

Topics: GFP-Booster, RFP-Booster, Super resolution microscopy, VHH, Nanobody

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