ChromoTek’s camelid antibodies are sequenced, recombinant, and monoclonal with validated binding characteristics

Posted by Klaus Herick on Jul 25, 2016 2:35:54 PM

On a personal note, we – ChromoTek - like to state a few words on the quality of our camelid VHH or heavy chain antibodies (also known as “nanobodies”).

Recently, a new spin has been given to the discussion on the quality standards of antibodies/ affinity reagents: Is binding characterization sufficient or are additional sequence information required (A. Bradbury & A. Plückthun, Protein Engineering, Design & Selection 28 (10), 303-305 (2015), A. Bradbury and A. Plückthun, Nature 518, 27–29; 2015).

We like to inform our customers that ChromoTek’s camelid VHHs are sequenced, recombinant, and monoclonal antibodies with validated binding characteristics. Our quality control processes assure that only validated products are shipped to our customers. Using this approach we support the research of our customers with high quality sequenced recombinant affinity reagents to make our mission become true: “New Tools for Better Research”.

At ChromoTek we are convinced that quality reagents matter to conduct cutting-edge research.

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