GFP-Booster and RFP-Booster conjugated to Alexa Fluor® 647 or conjugated to ATTO647N? That is the question!

Posted by Klaus Herick on Jul 19, 2019 10:12:05 AM


Immunostaining in HeLa cells low expressing Tubulin-GFP.
Left: GFP signal of Tubulin-GFP (green) and DAPI stain (blue);
Right: Tubulin-GFP detection by GFP-Booster coupled to Alexa Fluor 647

We currently offer our GFP- and RFP-Booster conjugated to two different far-red dyes:

Alexa Fluor® 647 and  ATTO647N.

The GFP- Booster Alexa Fluor® 647  and RFP-Booster Alexa Fluor® 647 have multiple advantages when compared to GFP-/ RFP-Booster ATTO647N:

Improved GFP/RFP-Booster
Alexa Fluor® 647

GFP/RFP-Booster ATTO647N

Brighter fluorescence signal

About one third as bright

Site directed labelled

Labelled at C-terminus

Degree of labeling DOL = 2 dyes per VHH

Labelled with average
1 fluorophore per VHH

Dilution range: 1:500 – 1:1,000

Dilution: 1:200

Order information

GFP-Booster Alexa Fluor 647
-> gb2AF647-100

RFP-Booster Alexa Fluor 647
-> rb2AF647-100

Order information

GFP-Booster ATTO647N
-> gba647n-100

RFP-Booster ATTO647N
-> rba647n-100

Please note that we intend to replace GFP/-RFP-Booster ATTO 647N by GFP-/ RFP-Booster Alexa Fluor 647.

Please contact us if you require an ongoing supply of GFP-Booster or RFP-Booster conjugated to ATTO 647N. We are curious to learn why you need GFP/ RFP-Booster ATTO647N and why you can’t use GFP/RFP-Booster Alexa Fluor 647 instead. Email to


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