GFP-Booster labeled with Abberior STAR dyes for super-resolution STED microscopy

Posted by Larisa Yurlova on Jan 21, 2015 2:15:00 PM

Chromotek’s tiniest GFP-binding alpaca antibodies (also termed nanobodies) are now available conjugated to the Abberior STAR dyes. We developed these new GFP-Boosters to achieve the highest resolution and the best signal in STED imaging of GFP-fusion proteins. The new Boosters are the combination of:

-        Chromotek’s anti-GFP alpaca antibody fragments, which are characterized by the nanomolar affinity to GFP and extraordinarily small size (13 kDa, 2 X 3 nm)


-        STED-optimized far-red dyes from Abberior: Abberior STAR RED or Abberior STAR 635P.

With over a decade of research experience in nanoscopy, the Abberior team from Goettingen are the experts in fluorophore labels for the cutting-edge STED microscopy. Abberior STAR RED is the classical STED dye, also known under the name KK114. Abberior STAR 635P is the first member of an entirely new class of dyes introduced exclusively by Abberior – the first commercially available phosphorylated fluorescent dye. The dye is very bright, extremely stable and it enables basically background free imaging. When incorporated into Chromotek’s GFP-Boosters, the STAR dyes from Abberior will ensure superior STED signal from the GFP-fusion proteins, whereas the alpaca antibody will bring the dye directly to the target!


Image: Vimentin-GFP immunostained with GFP-Booster-STAR635P in confocal and STED. Abberior STAR 635P dye was provided by Abberior, the STED image was obtained with Abberior Instruments STED Microscope (Images are courtesy of G. Donnert and C. Wurm, Abberior GmbH.)

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