GFP-Trap in multiwell plates

Posted by Christoph Eckert on Mar 19, 2020 2:10:56 PM

GFP-Trap®Multiwell Plate for convenient high throughput analysis of protein interactions. It consists of our anti-GFP VHH immobilized in multiwell plates. The GFP-Trap Multiwell Plate is optimized for immunoprecipitation (IP), IP-MS, and ELISA. Here you can find the protocol for sandwich ELISA und immunoprecipitation (IP) with GFP-Trap

• Up to 96 samples in parallel
• No centrifugation needed
• Pre-blocked
• Convenient handling
• Suitable also for IP of very large proteins/complexes

In addition, you also benefit from the GFP-Trap advantages:
• Low background
• High binding efficiency
• Extraordinary robustness
• Reproducible results
• Validated


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For sensitive detection of GFP in ELISA, we strongly recommend ChromoTek’s polyclonal rabbit anti-GFP antibody PABG1.


Topics: GFP Immunoprecipitation

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