GFP-Trap – More than 500 References/ Publications!

Posted by Christoph Eckert on Jan 15, 2015 5:17:00 PM

During the time when we launched the GFP-Trap, we wanted to offer a high quality anti-GFP antibody for pulling down GFP tagged proteins. The GFP-Trap enabled cell biologists to use their GFP fusion proteins for biochemical experiments like immunoprecipitations. In our view, the high binding efficiency and the lack of contaminating light and heavy antibody chains made the GFP-Trap an excellent tool to immunoprecipitate GFP-fusion proteins. We are happy to announce that this is now confirmed by 500 references/ publications!

In our first experiments we used the GFP-Trap to pull down GFP-fusion proteins from mammalian cells. Beginning with these straightforward experiments, our collaborators and customers started to use the GFP-Trap in many different experiments. They used the GFP-Trap for pull downs, immunoprecipitations, Co-IPs, mass spectrometry, enzyme activity assays, ChIP and RIP analysis in a wide variety of organism including mammals, vertebrates, invertebrates, nematodes, plants, fungi, yeast and bacteria. Not only GFP but also other variants like eGFP, YFP, CFP, Venus have been pulled down with the GFP-Trap and the results have been published in all types of journals, including high ranking journals like Science, Nature and Cell. All 500 references can be seen on our homepage and filtered by organism and technique.

We did not anticipate scientists doing mass spec to replace standard peptide tags like HA, myc or FLAG by GFP. They realized the enormous potential of the high binding affinity of the GFP-Trap to GFP, which enabled them to strongly reduce background compared to other available systems.

 We would like to thank all our customers and collaborative partners in more than 50 countries for their continuous support, their citations, helpful comments and important feedbacks. And, of course, we would like to thank all our Alpacas, which are important members of our R&D team.

Stay tuned as we are going to launch a new Nano-Trap soon. If you can’t wait until March, just send a short email to

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