The most frequently cited monoclonal anti-RFP antibody

Posted by Christoph Eckert on Mar 1, 2017 11:43:00 AM

The ChromoTek rat monoclonal anti-RFP antibody 5F8 has been cited for the use in immunofluorescence (IF) and immunohistochemistry (IHC) experiments in more than 250 peer reviewed articles. It is thus the monoclonal anti-RFP antibody referenced most often at the database citeAB. This top rank is the result of its performance and quality. The anti-RFP antibody 5F8 recognizes common RFP variants including mCherry, mPlum, mRFP, mRFPruby.


Immunofluorescence of HeLa cells stably 
expressing mCherry-PCNA

“The 5F8 antibody is great. We have beautiful staining in the olfactory bulb for our neurons electroporated with RFP-encoding vector."
Manav Pathania, School of Medicine, Yale University

Related antibodies:

The ChromoTek mouse monoclonal anti-RFP antibody 6G6 has been validated for Western blot (WB) experiments and provides an outstanding sensitivity.

The ChromoTek alpaca monoclonal and recombinant RFP-Trap has been validated for immunoprecipitation (IP) experiments and has already been referenced in 43 peer reviewed publications.

The ChromoTek single domain RFP-Booster has been validated for immunofluorescence (IF), immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunocytochemistry (ICC) experiments and provides superior accessibility & labelling of epitopes in crowded cellular environments.

All antibodies are tested on several different red fluorescent proteins like mCherry, mRFP, mRFPruby, mPlum. Please visit our webpage to look-up the specificity of each antibody.

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