GFP-Trap for Immunoprecipitation (IP) of GFP-fusion proteins

  • Extremely efficient and fast pulldown of GFP-fusion proteins
  • More than 1.000 publications - GFP-Trap  is the Gold Standard for IP of GFP fusion proteins
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  • GFP-Trap is coupled to agarose beads or magnetic agarose beads

ChromoTek's GFP-Trap® is ideal for fast, reliable and efficient one-step immunoprecipitation of GFP-fusion proteins and their interacting factors from cell extracts or organelles.


Get more from your GFP fusion proteins

Alpaca GFP-Trap® is the top selling GFP antibody as it allows for one-step pulldowns that can be directly used in downstream applications such as enzyme activity assays or mass spectrometry.

Best results, qualitative and quantitative 

  • No heavy & light chains in your downstream application
  • Very high binding affinity
  • Short incubation times of 5 - 30 minutes

GFP-Trap® are so easier to use than any other pull down reagent. Guaranteed quality will yield reproducible and quantitative results.



Gold Standard for IP of GFP-fusion proteins

More than 750 peer reviewed articles have already been published using the ChromoTek GFP-Trap®. That makes the GFP-Trap® the Gold Standard for immunoprecipitation of GFP fusion proteins and their interacting partners:



The Alpaca Antibody Advantage for quantitative Immunoprecipitations

Size matters - why smaller is betteralpaca_mit_antibody

Alpacas have unique antibodies, which consist of only heavy chains. As an exciting result the single antigen binding domain can be separately expressed: ChromoTek has developed the Nano-Trap utilizing the smallest intact antigen binding fragment. It is only 13 kDa in size, easy to handle and has ultra-high specificity and affinity to its respective antigen.

Smaller size, higher efficiency 
Reach targets that cannot be accessed by conventional antibodies and experience specificities and efficiencies you haven't seen in the past. 


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