Request free test samples for immunoprecipitation (IP) of
GFP, TurboGFP or mNeonGreen fusion proteins

ChromoTek's GFP-Trap, TurboGFP-Trap and mNeonGreen-Trap are optimized for IP

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How do GFP-Trap, TurboGFP-Trap and mNeonGreen-Trap perform?



  • Low background
  • NO heavy and light antibody chain contamination
  • High binding affinity
  • Harsh washing conditions


  • Immunoprecipitation/ Co-IP
  • IP/Co-IP for Mass spectrometry
  • Enzyme activity measurements


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What are Nano-Traps?

Nano-Traps are Nanobodies coupled to agarose beads. Nanobodies are derived from alpaca single domain antibodies. Nanobodies are devoid of light chains and bind its antigen via a single variable domain (VHH).

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