V5-Trap for immunoprecipitation (IP) of V5-tagged protein

Request your test sample (right column) and benefit from the V5-TrapTM and the Alpaca Antibody Advantage in your next IP:

  • Very low background
  • No heavy and light antibody chains
  • High specificity, high binding capacity
  • Extraordinarily stable, also under harsh washing conditions
  • Compatible with N-, C-terminal and internal V5-tag
  • Effective elution with V5-peptide
  • Recombinant for consistent results

v5ta_IP_C-term V5_CoomassieI: input, FT: flow-through, B: bound

ChromoTek’s V5-Trap consists of the first Nanobody against the V5-tag. The anti-V5 Nanobody is conjugated to agarose beads and magnetic agarose beads:

The Alpaca Antibody Advantage for quantitative Immunoprecipitations


Alpacas have unique antibodies, which consist of only heavy chains. As an exciting result the single antigen binding domain can be separately expressed: ChromoTek has developed the Nano-Trap utilizing the smallest intact antigen binding fragment. It is only 15 kDa in size, easy to handle and has ultra-high specificity and affinity to its respective antigen.
Western Blotting

For detection, use the extraordinarily sensitive and specific anti-V5 antibody [SV5-P-K].


The anti-V5 antibody [SV5-P-K] is a recombinant, monoclonal mouse IgG1, has very low background and detects even low amounts of V5-tagged proteins. It works great in combination with Alpaca anti-mouse IgG1 Nano-Secondary for detection.