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What is the Spot-System:

The Spot-Tag sytem is the first capture & detection system consisting of a short peptide tag (Spot-Tag) and a Nanobody (Spot-Nanobody).

The Spot System has significant advantages compared to other systems such as HA, Myc or Flag:
- lower background
- higher affinty
- higher resolution
- less unspecific binding

What contains the extra vial:

The extra vial contains a DNA plasmid for expression for Spot-Tag® fusion proteins either  in
E.coli: pSpot2 (C-term Tag, Kan., high expression; Datasheet), or
S. cerevisiae: pSpot8 (C-term Tag, Leu, 2µ, high expression; Datasheet)

The extra vial enables you to start cloning and expressing your Spot-Tag fusion protein.
For more information about Spot-Tag Cloning & Vectors, click here.


What is Spot used for:

Spot IP.jpg Spot AP.jpg Spot SRM.jpg
Spot IF.jpg Spot WB.jpg Spot MS.jpg

How to test Spot:

1. Request your free cloning vector (right column) or add Spot-tag via PCR, Gibson assembly, etc.

For more information about Spot-Tag cloning & vectors, click here.

2. Click here, once cloning is completed

3. Upon receiving your „cloning completed“ message,
we will send to you test samples for either

Immunoprecipitation, Affinity purification, MS: Spot-Trap
Immunofluorescence: Spot-Label ATTO594

For Western blot, we add free test samples of

- Anti-Spot-Nanobody (Spot-Label for WB, unconjugated),

- Secondary Antibody (anti-Llama/Alpaca) conjugated to HRP.


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